In line with our total commitment to delivering the best possible quality, Bremberger has introduced a quality management system that embraces every part of our organization. We are also certified for DIN ISO 9001: 2000 compliance.

With mid-workflow and output quality controls, we ensure that every product we deliver measures up to the exacting standards of our customers. We document all our business processes and workflows to encourage ongoing improvement of product quality. DIN ISO certification in September 2005 reinforced the commitment of our entire team to raise our quality benchmarks even further, and to continue optimizing business workflows and structures.

Quality, as we see it, is more than a measure of how our production facilities perform. It's a measure of our ability to adapt to the challenges of new circumstances, to strive to continually improve the quality of our products and services, and to work with you, our customers, in finding new solutions.

The South German TÜV - or Technical Inspection Agency - has tested and certified that Bremberger has introduced a quality management system and enforces this system in its business practices. Audit report 70101644 proves compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

The certificate with registration number 12 100 26216 TMS is valid to August 2014.

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