As well as protecting the quality of the goods, printed rigid or flexible packaging provides the additional product information that today's consumers want. With our UV flexo printer, we can deliver to your most stringent specifications at highly reasonable prices.

Our customers can rely on consistently excellent print quality in short and medium-volume runs, with vivid, brilliant colour and precision of detail. Our machine can print nearly all repeat lengths. The print formes are made on computer-to-plate systems, ensuring near-gravure output quality.

Inks have excellent coverage, brilliance and gloss. A laminate-like gloss effect can be created by additional UV varnishing.

If you need reprints of your job later, we can guarantee absolute colour consistency and reproducible results with the same excellent quality every time.

By using metallic, luminescent and heat-sensitive inks and other special supplies, we can provide even greater choice in applications such as product protection.

Bremberger uses foils and composites from leading manufacturers only. With our extensive inventory of substrates, we are able to respond swiftly to requests and turn urgent orders around fast.

We're happy to provide more information about flexo printing at Bremberger, and can show you how your business can profit from these services.

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Easy to handle, versatile to process, relatively easy to dispose of - it's no wonder that plastics-based packaging is continually increasing its market share.