To complete the service package, Bremberger can take care of the finishing, fulfilment and the associated shipment logistics.

Delivering the goods - with a perfect finish:

  • Folding, gluing and filling of your folders,
  • Insertion of loose-leaf sets, tab sheets, inserts, CDs etc. into files
  • Insertion of supplements into flyers or booklets
  • Complex manual folding
  • Labelling of print products
  • Counting and bundling print mailpieces and readying them for shipment
  • …and much more

From one-piece dispatch to a full-scale direct-mail campaign, our fulfilment team and logistics department have exactly the right solution for you.

We also take care of shipping, and can keep stocks of your products ready to order.

Choose from a range of finishing options to turn simple cut sheets into stylish product booklets, stapled sets into image brochures, loose transparencies into presentation sets, and presentations into multimedia CDs.