Printing for the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries is a challenge. Firstly, the packaging and leaflets have to incorporate a lot of text, so the output quality has to be precise enough for the fine detail of ultra-small type and symbols. Secondly, decorative, appealing print designs are of paramount importance in these industries - and especially in fine halftone printing, Bremberger's UV flexo printing quality delivers near-gravure quality.

Alongside multiple languages and texts, another feature of these prints is the frequency of design modifications, driven by seasonal trends or new developments. We pass on to our clients the prepress cost advantages of flexo printing. As a skilled flexo printing specialist, Bremberger can deliver superior-quality corporate designs with totally consistent colour reproduction across the entire product portfolio.

Enjoy superior product design with high-quality flexo printing from Bremberger.

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Sleeves are a great way to prevent product manipulation:

  • Tampering or product removal is immediately obvious
  • All-round visibility, long shelf life
  • Space for additional promotion
  • Low-cost solution, can be affixed manually or by machine