Nearly every container that is retailed needs a label - be it to provide information, highlight the selling points or provide a seal of originality. Shrink sleeves are a popular and appealing approach to this challenge.

After printing, we cut the foil and then fold and glue the sides together to create a long tunnel, or sleeve. To wrap the product, the sleeves are automatically unwound from a reel and fitted on the product containers. These then enter a tunnel where heat is applied to the loose sleeve, causing it to shrink to the shape of the container. Thanks to this shrinkage ability, the foil can be used to wrap virtually any shape of container.

We supply sleeves on rolls and in sections with optional perforations or tear-off threads, and can also shrink-wrap your product containers for you.

When are sleeves used?

Full-body sleeves with 360° graphics are an effective branding tool. Fitting like a second skin to virtually any shape, they create a full-body decoration for a wide variety of products. If a product is sleeved, the user can confirm at a glance that it has not been compromised in any way, and the product information or design can be retained even after the product is opened (for instance, with perforated packaging for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals).

The excellent surface finish of UV verso printing ensures vivid, scratch-proof print reproduction and makes it easier for consumers to locate the product on supermarket shelves. Compact to store, affordable to produce even in lower-volume runs, sleeves can easily be printed at short notice. There is little wastage because there is no additional offcut as with adhesive labels on a backing substrate. With shrink sleeving, you can package two or more products into a single unit. Sleeve foils are highly versatile media, and can be printed with luminescent and other speciality inks.

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Used as an additional seal, the foil confirms that the product is from its original source and the container has not been tampered with. The seal also provides space for optional branding information.