There is no one-fits all solution to flexible packaging. Which is why packaging print services from Bremberger are always custom-designed and integrate the latest and best techniques.

We work for clients in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries and also print foils and composites for a variety of technical applications.

When printing flexible packaging, we produce to the most exacting standards using inks in up to eight colours. In many cases we are able to use solvent-free UV inks, enabling us to comply with emissions standards without cost-intensive technology to keep the air clean. And, with many UV inks already exhibiting adequate permanence and mechanical properties, there is often no need for additional protective varnishing.

We print a huge variety of substrates, from aluminium to polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, OPS and multi-layer composites, also in combination with paper and board.

Being so versatile, mono and multilayer foils are ideal for smart, secure packaging of food and non-food products. These materials can be recto or verso printed, and we can also print an underliner layer.

Our flexibility and experience are complemented by a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment, trained operators and our own tough quality benchmarks - to ensure your ideas and objectives are put into action in the best possible way.

High-Quality Flexo Printing
Foils for Machines
Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Adhesive Labels
Reel Slitters
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With or without your promotional message: the packaging has to communicate whatever promise your product makes.
Our added-value flexo printing turns your packaging into a quality selling tool - as well as protecting the product from damage.