Getting the finishing right makes all the difference – and this is where Bremberger's expertise, attention to detail and speed really matter. You profit from our innovative strength and flexibility, and can choose from a wide range of options for finishing your products.

We operate our own industrial book-bindery and a fleet of finishing equipment, so prints do not have to travel far for post-processing. Trimming, folding, stitching and stapling, drilling, collating, gang-stitching, perfect binding and packing – everything is available on site to help us turn your order round fast. With quality, creativity and dedication, even a dash of artistic genius, skilled craftsmen take care of all the binding and ensure that only perfect products leave the shop floor.

If necessary for speciality finishes, we bring in long-term partners who contribute the expertise of their craft to the production process.

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Bremberger can take care of the finishing, fulfilment and shipment logistics for your print products. With our experience, precision and speed - working with partners as appropriate - we help you plan and develop your ideas and put them into action.